I usually try to refresh things up around here every year, even if it’s a small change. The idea of not having an online presence as a designer sounds devastating to my soul. We, designers, aren’t usually happy with what we produce, specially when it becomes visually outdated. I needed to fresh things up a bit. I really wanted to but something was keeping me astray, unfocused, and in procrastination. I kept putting things off for a long time and didn’t get it done until I decided to just ship it.

Just Ship It

Last weekend I decided to ship it. That’s it. It’s shipped. It’s done, well, not done how my lizard brain wanted to be done but it’s done for now. I’m not going to stop here. Sometimes the lizard brain is trying to keep us unfocused and unproductive but we have to focus on our dreams. We need to keep it lit within ourselves even if it seems impossible. It’s hard. It’s not easy but life isn’t easy anyways so we need to deal with it and keep moving forward.

I’ve been working on some really cool projects, acquiring new skills, and developing new views on life, religion, business, and family.

More to come but for now: “Just Shipped it”.

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