The best performing stocks

Picking a stock is easy. You can buy stocks in literally 5 minutes using Robinhood App. Picking a best-performing stock is really hard. I’m not a huge fan of stocks in general for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m not an expert in the stock market, in fact, I lost a LOT of money in stocks, 2) Stocks, in my opinion, do not have the best overall returns over time and it’s totally out of my control, 3) no tax liability reduction. I hear people say often how well they’re doing with a particular stock, but I never hear anyone say how much they lost. I’ve never met (or heard of) anyone who created real wealth only with stocks and honestly these winners are really hard to pick because they’re very volatile and come with huge losses before those spectacular gains.

Ben Carlson shares, in his article The Best Performing Stocks, a few data points on the losses of the best-performing stocks since the great depression.

the majority of investors wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to sit through this type of insane volatility and bone-crushing losses.

Well, that’s why picking the best-performing stock is hard.

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